pianist, composer

Since 1992, Melanie Monsour has been playing music for the Gurdjieff Sacred Movements in the US, Europe, Australia, Chile, Canada, Greece, S. Korea and India.

In 2007 she began to concentrate on presenting selections from the concert repertoire of Gurdjieff/deHartmann and her own work.

In August 2007 she gave a concert in Moscow, at the Scriabin Museum to a standing room only audience.

In April 2008 she returned to Russia for performances in three venues; an historic monastery in Yaroslavl, a salon in the Sheremetev Palace and Museum of Musical Instruments in St. Petersburg and at the Armory Museum at the Kremlin in Moscow.

That July 2008 she played to a sold out audience in Rome, Italy.

On November 1st she presented the final concert of this tour in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Back in Santa Fe, 2009 saw the release of a CD of music inspired by the study of Enneagram personality types. This work was a collaboration with Donna Gruhlke  of Edmonton, Canada and presents 9 dance exercises that are meant to express attributes of each number on the enneagram.

She has released the fourth in a series of seven CDs that present her compositions on solo piano and is now working on the 5th.

Her last CD, 'Echos of Light', as well as her others are available on CDBaby, Amazon, ITunes, etc.

2015-2016 was a year of traveling and composing. Melanie returned to India after ten years to work with Akash Darmaraj at a Movements workshop in Goa. This event also heralded the return of teacher Avrom Altman after a hiatus of ten years.

In the spring Melanie was invited to provide Movements music for a workshop led by writer and teacher Cynthia 
Bourgault which was held at the Claymont Society, West Virginia and she orchestrated and performed one of her pieces choreographed by Allegra Lillard of the National Dance Institute of NM.

In December, 2015, WORDS IN THE WIND was debuted by the Balkan/MidEast Ensemble at Santa Fe University. The piece had been commissioned to commemorate the bombing of Al Mutaanabi Street in Baghdad.

The summer brought three opportunities to play for Gurdjieff Sacred Movements; at the International Retreat, Corfu, Greece, in South Korea and Edmonton Canada.


 Melanie had been an adjunct professor at Santa Fe University of Art and Design for several years until they closed their doors in 2017.  She enjoyed being part of their Contemporary Music Program where she taught piano and composition for 15 years.
When home in Santa Fe, Melanie often plays in the myriad of cafes, restaurants and galleries around town.

  Artist Statement:  I have been wondering about the world of sound and feeling for as long as I can remember.
  My work helps me to examine the ways in which music can provoke reactions in the listener, be they emotional,     
  physical or spiritual.
  Like breath and light, music is elemental and its potency is clear.
  I hope to live in, and create through this world for the rest of my life on earth. thank you.

the most recent CD,  released in June, 2013 is available through